The staff at Coleman-Taylor Funeral Services believes that it is our duty and privilege to serve those families that call on us when they lose a loved one. We use our extensive experience to help guide you through all decisions throughout the planning process and beyond. We think every funeral should be memorable and unique to the family's expectations. We at Coleman-Taylor offer a range of affordable services to fit these expectations. We pledge to answer any and all questions about funeral arrangements and services.

Traditional Funeral

This includes visitation, either with the casket opened or closed and a funeral service. In ground burial or entombment follows as final disposition.

Traditional Funeral + Creamation

This includes visitation and a funeral service, followed by cremation.

Direct Burial

This option is for those not wishing to have public visitation or a traditional funeral service.

Direct Cremation + Memorial Service

A Memorial Service occurs at either our funeral home, a church of your choosing, or other location special to the decedent or family after a direct cremation.

Memorial Service

This occurs without the body present either at our funeral home, your church, or other location.

Direct Cremation

The decedant is creamated without visitation or any type of service.


Ideas are limitless and we respect any and all ideas that you may have. Our staff encourages families to share their ideas and beliefs with us so that we can assist in providing a unique and memorable experience.